We are specialists in designing and fitting solar panel arches/davits to sailing boats.

The image at left was the design work undertaken with the client to ensure we understood his needs.

We measure the boat and create CAD drawings to ensure that  the stainless steel pieces fit well the first time. The requirments in this case were for:

  • 6 solar panels that can be demounted at sea and stored below if a storm comes
  • 2 wind generators
  • Stern dinghy davits

The wide stern allowed all the panels. The panels added shade over the wheel as a bonus. We have remet the owner after 10,000 miles at sea. He is very happy with his panels.

stern arch wind gen and dinghy arch.jpg

Here is another project that was more challenging because the stern of the boat was not as wide.

We had to make something that would fit the line of the boat. The owner wanted solar power and a place for his dinghy and stern anchor.

There were already davits present.  They did not lift the boat high enough. The finished arch is in the picture to the right.


The solar panels were calculated to meet the owner's power needs. The dinghy has davits that leave the RIB higher than before and keep it secure.

You can see to the right, the stern anchor is ready for deployment. At sea the dinghy goes away and the outboard is kept secure.